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COVID-19 Safety In The Workplace

This service is for employers who are interested in providing tests to their employees, to enhance COVID safety in the workplace.

This service may be for you if:

  • You have had staff off sick with COVID and you want to prove that they are safe to return to work (either that they are showing antibodies or that they do not have any traces of IgM antibodies (IgM is the antibody that shows up with the person is infectious)).

  • You want to check that you do not have an asymptomatic individual in your workplace who has a high viral load and is potentially spreading it to the rest of your staff.

  • You want to see if any of your staff have some level of protection against the virus and are safest to resume their duties that are considered higher risk.

This service is not for you if:

  • You wish to test staff currently showing symptom of the virus. For this, we would advise you to get an NHS PCR test – as they are free for symptomatic individuals

Many businesses are now requiring evidence of recovery when an employee returns from isolation. Our tests are 99% sensitive and come from a UK based manufacturer. All of our tests are CE marked and MHRA approved. Your tests will be undertaken by a trained professional, who is fully insured for the procedure, and you will receive a day report of the findings, plus your staff will receive their own individual report.

There is no minimum participation for these tests, we can test as many or a few as you need. Prices are based upon numbers.

Talk to a member of our team to discuss your specific requirements.